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Job Interview Today...Comments Appreciated

July 22nd, 2014 at 06:54 am

I am checking in. It's been a few weeks. The latest on my mind has been finding a full time office job. The equestrian job has peaked- I really appreciate getting to turn my hobby into a job- but I'm ready to turn it back into a hobby.

Last week I went and visited my old employer. Its a large multi-building university and I spent several hours going from office to office to catch up with everyone. I put the word out that I was looking.

The VERY NEXT DAY the university President called me and said he had just been handed a resignation letter and would I be interested in an Admissions Assistant job? Heck yeah!

So we set up an interview for today. I would be reporting to someone new. Several of my old colleagues have worked with this guy- though I never have. So it was explained that this is kind of a "meet n greet" to make sure everyone gets along.

The job will have quotas. High pressure deadlines and (if its like my previous work environment), lots of scapegoating. The intense work atmosphere is what made me hesitant to return to the working world and instead seek out a barn job.

But talking to old collegues- the pressure has really calmed down since I've been away. Apparently it all came to a head right after I resigned and there was a lot of turnover (and visits to HR). It took almost a year but now things have quieted down and become more fun.

And even if it's stressful- I enjoyed working with these people who became my friends. I enjoyed challenging myself and feeling like I was improving my resume.

And I want to eliminate my $1000/month private health insurance bill.

So today I interview.

I spent $115 on a new suit. It was 60% off- so I look like I'm wearing a $250 suit! It makes me feel good to wear it. Like "well one less thing to worry about- I don't have to think about how I look."

Now for the salary. UGH. I was hired right before a freeze on raises at this company. So although I worked there almost 4 years- I only received a 3% raise once (big reason for my resignation!).

Then a few months after resigning- the company restructured their pay scale and raised everyone's salary to match competitive raises. So I'm hoping they will just offer me $2-3k over my old salary. And then if I'm able to negotiate anything (which I have NEVER SUCCESSFULLY been able to negotiate salary), it's a bonus.

If they offer me my old salary then I'll be starting out disappointed which is not how I want to start this job. Feeling defensive and unappreciated.

I know the President looks at it as saving his budget to get me a cheaply as possible. He is very smart and intimidating. I've learned that I cant faithfully try to "prove my worth" and think it will get recognized and be rewarded with a raise or promotion.

I tried that tactic last time and was told several times that they would not promote me because I was already doing the work of a superior, so there was no need to promote me and hire someone below me. I was managing both jobs on my own. And the company couldn't justify a pay raise without a title change. UGH it was maddening!

So I just want to start out making the money I would have earned if I had stuck it out to work through the "competitive wage" increases.

I am optimistic because I talked with a co-worker- (who is my potential bosses boss), and she said my new job is considered a level above my old job. Although totally different departments- this new job is a small step up the corporate ladder. (So small that I thought the job was a parallel jump.)

Ok, so the plan is to prepare for the job interview.

But what I REALLY need to prepare for is the disappointment if I wind up with my old salary or a few hundred dollars more.

I have not been called in to interview anywhere else that I have submitted an application. The job market is not really jumping for me right now.

BTW- I pulled a muscle (s) in my shoulder/neck area at the barn the other day and I'm on muscle relaxers right now. I'm a bit woozy as I type this so forgive any ridiculously bad spelling. I'm hoping this woozy feeling wears off by interview time! Otherwise I'll have to take something to wake up!

9 Responses to “Job Interview Today...Comments Appreciated”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    Good luck!

  2. CB in the City Says:

    I work in higher ed, too, and we are in a freeze. There may not be a lot of wiggle room in your salary. We recently made an offer to someone who held out for more money -- he eventually withdrew his application, as there was no negotiating on the salary.

  3. ceejay74 Says:

    My wife worked at a university, and the pay levels were set -- in fact they were public knowledge (or at least public to people who worked there; can't remember). I wonder if that info is out there, or if your contacts already working there could find it.

  4. TashaC. Says:

    Thanks guys. This is a private For Profit university. So the salaries are not public information. I know there is a "range" given for each position. The President will offer me the low end of the range but he has a $4-5k increase allowed. Its a matter of if he thinks I am worth going to the high end of the range. And I don't know where that range starts or ends considering this is a new department. I am working on "selling myself" right now. But also trying to get into a mindset that this is an objective "business negotiation", like arguing over the price of a piece of real estate. Its not personal, its not an attack on my self worth. They want to get me as cheap as possible. I want to sell myself as valuable as possible. Its just that I am easily intimidated and sold on vague promises of "promotions or perks" and tend to accept below what I later realize I am worth.

  5. TashaC. Says:

    I tend to start getting self doubt...like I was just thinking..."What if the President talked to some of my old colleges and decided he doesn't want to hire me? What if they told him about (insert one off episode where I made a mistake). What if he has changed his mind and now this is a formality because we set an interview last week?" And then thoughts like that make me just grateful for getting hired in the first place. ...I am my own enemy in these situations.

  6. rawscarver85 Says:

    I hate it when they call you in for an interview without looking carefully at your application or resume for rather or not you would be qualified for that position. Then while you are waiting for the call of a lifetime, they don't do call. So basically they wasted your time and theirs too...for nothing.

  7. rawscarver85 Says:

    Whatever you do, don't give up on your dreams. Feel free to click on my signature to see what I am involved with for earning addition income. I am trying to escape from the horrid life of retail hell. You seem like a intelligent person and I have no doubt that you will finally get you that dream job.

  8. wowitsawonderfullife Says:

    I would keep in mind that this has benefits. That's worth a lot!

  9. Looking Forward Says:

    Hopefully it went great today. Smile

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