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Added a Cleaning Lady & Massage Membership to my Budget

March 11th, 2014 at 01:55 pm

Things are going well over here in Tasha-land. I'm still working at the horse farm and I'm finally feeling like I have a solid hang of things. The only riding I am doing is leading trail rides- but I'm staying in the equestrian industry which is important to me.

The baby is doing well. We feel like we kind of have a hang on her as well. She's still not sleeping through the night. She's still refusing a bottle. We are starting her on some solids now to get her weight up. I'm refusing to sweat this stuff. Common problems. Could be much worse. Time to get over it.

Husband is doing ok. He was turned down for govt disability again- which a big blow for us and our budget. When husband went before a judge 3 months ago it seemed like the judge understood everything. But the paperwork explaining the disability denial makes it seem like the judge did not remember the hearing. The explanation goes into detail regarding husband's first back surgery- which he had some pain relief. But his second back surgery is what disabled him. And the paperwork indicates the judge did not read the file thoroughly enough to see there was a second surgery and the impacts it had on husband's body. So there is room to argue- we are appealing. But its been almost 2.5 years now and we are at the last appeal option. So a little more patience I guess. Of course getting the disability denied blows my budget to hell and I've gotta rework some stuff. Tomorrow I'll work on it.

We are still waiting to hear if husband is eligible for this experimental treatment being done by an out of state Dr.

I broke down and got a house cleaner. I spend 30 hrs a week doing physical labor- I have no motivation to clean when I got home. Husband has not cleaned once since the baby was born. The house had reached a new level of dirtiness not previously seen. I really don't want to argue with husband that he needs to clean while I'm at work. That will open an argument that he watches the baby for me and I'm not earning enough money for the burden my job is putting on the family.

So I had two cleaning women come out for $100. They spent a total of 6 hrs cleaning and it SPARKLES. I wont get into the irony that they make 50% more than I do. This house cleaning service is an addiction I cant shake. I'm hooked. They are coming back again next month.

So I need to rework the budget anyways to account for this new housekeeping service.

Between husband being denied disability, my house cleaning service, and the monthly massage membership I gave husband for valentines day- I'm re-routing my paycheck from saving for the attic renovation to paying for our spending and these new expenses.

It seems a little absurd that I'm underemployed, our family increased by a baby, we lost a ton of money in 2013, and yet we are adding a house keeping service and massage membership. Yes. I understand its totally illogical. All I know is that right now I'm trying to find stable ground on a regular basis. I'm still fighting to get back money ex business partners owes me. I'm trying to balance baby with the rest of my priorities. I'm trying to give the baby the life I want her to have and be the mom she can admire and respect. That image includes a clean house and a father with a little less pain in his day. And a mom who follows her passion to work with horses. And I cant actually accomplish all of those things at the same time right now. So I have outsourced some of it. And that means our attic renovation has been delayed until I learn to do it all without the outsourcing, or we generate some added revenue. We'll see what happens.

That's about it. The rentals are pretty calm right now. I look forward to reading about everyone's progress.

7 Responses to “Added a Cleaning Lady & Massage Membership to my Budget”

  1. MonkeyMama Says:

    Having a baby changes things. You can only be stretched so thin. I worked several jobs and kept straight A's with full-time college schedule in my late teens and early 20s. When I had a child (just a few years later) I caved and hired some help. It was just too much. & that was with a very helpful spouse. & those were our lowest income years when we did those splurges, and I've never regretted for a single second. At least we are alive and healthy and our marriage is intact, and I didn't get fired. Totally serious about that last sentence!!

    The good news is that it's only the very beginning that is really THAT trying. IT's not like parenthood means always hiring help just to function. & of course, don't go bankrupt over it. {I think it's the lack of sleep that is the very worst. But, kids also get more independent with time. Eventually they can help with the housework. I find housework a non-issue, with 3 helping hands}.

  2. TashaC. Says:

    Thank you Monkey! Your right that keeping my marriage intact is a high priority. Right now- these added luxuries are helping the marriage and our sanity. I might be able to stretch myself a bit more- but we can afford the help and are willing to sacrifice the attic renovation right now.

  3. snafu Says:

    In my universe, lack of sleep wrecks plans. Many of us who have been through the process a couple of times at 9:30 pm, where DH and I raced around putting away stuff, throwing out newspaper, magazines and junk . Each week one room was the target for that 20 minute daily focus. It's as boring as it sounds but I can do any grim task for 20 minutes.

  4. Joanne Says:

    Enjoy the cleaning service and the massage therapy. I also agree taht whatever can help make this time more enjoyable for you, and your family is a good idea.

  5. snafu Says:

    my Mac sometimes dumps sentences so I'm re-posting in hopes it makes sense...

    In my universe, lack of sleep wrecks plans. Many of us who have been through the new baby process a couple of times at 9:30 pm, where DH and I raced around putting away stuff, throwing out newspaper, magazines and junk . Each week one room was the target for that 20 minute daily focus. It's as boring as it sounds but I can do any grim task for 20 minutes.

    Hoping that more daylight hours helps

  6. ceejay74 Says:

    Whatever helps. Besides, horses is your passion, not cleaning house and giving massages. I'm a big fan of people doing the work that drives them, even if they practically only break even after paying other people to do other stuff for them. We spend half of AS's take-home pay on daycare and a monthly cleaner, and working out of the house incurs other expenses too -- but she wouldn't be satisfied staying home, watching the kids and cleaning house, so if we can afford it, why not?

    Plus, the longer you stay out of work, the harder it is to convince someone to hire you. At least I've heard that multiple places. So if she took 7 years off from when the first kid was born to when the second one hit kindergarten, what loss of income would it represent when she had to take a lower-level job or couldn't get back into her chosen field?

  7. CB in the City Says:

    I support your choices. Just be sure you keep your head above water! Scrimping for your goals is fine, but going under isn't! (Not that I'm saying you are, I'm just being cautious)

    My first son didn't sleep through the night till he was 8 months old. He was just that kind of kid. To this day he still has a lot of nervous energy. We all made it. The tired times do pass!

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