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What I'll do with my paycheck

January 30th, 2014 at 06:22 am

Thanks for the support regarding yesterdays post. I was really disappointed that a moment that should have been excitement was instead met with stress and unhappiness.

Husband still says things alluding to requesting me to quit. Mostly because he thinks he'll be lonely while I'm gone.

Anyways- I'm getting much more excited.

Before I accepted the position I got the employer to agree to raise my pay from $8.50/hr to $10/hr after 60 days rather than the standard 90. So in 2 months I'll get a nice raise.

So I'll be clearing about $900/month for the first 2 months.

The plan is to set $200/month aside for babies private school.

The remaining $700/month will be set aside to remodel our unfinished attic. We should have enough to remodel the attic by August.

Husband needs a project to keep him busy. He likes construction projects. So I'd like him to get started on the attic as soon as possible. That will keep him occupied and happier.

And today I go in to complete the paperwork for my new job!

3 Responses to “What I'll do with my paycheck”

  1. Wife of the Deacon Says:

    What a difference a day can make! I am glad that you have a renewed enthusiasm for the job -- and what good news about the raise within 60 days. Change is hard on any one, and it seems like as a family you have in flux for awhile (move to CA, move back, baby, etc.) Are you setting up a 529 for the baby? I think you can use those funds for primary and secondary education expenses, maybe monkeymama can confirm that. And, if this isn't the job for you, you can always explore other options. I apologize if my comment seemed harsh yesterday - your post hit a nerve with my past - my husband wasn't engaged in the money handling for many years ("I make it, you manage it" mentality) and I often felt stressed about lack of progress on my goals or overwhelmed by everything that needed to be taken care of monetarily. 4.5 years ago we went through a financial management seminar offered by our church and it helped facilitate good conversations and communications about our shared vision for the future, and my husband has been engaged ever since. I never meant that you would divorce. Hope that today your husband is better accepting of your decision. Hate to ask: is he an only child? Your descriptions of his behavior remind me of my husband in the earlier days of our marriage - we got married at 20 and he was probably too young and immature, though that was 24 years ago. And my husband is an only child.

  2. TashaC. Says:

    Thanks Deacon for checking back. I've had some friends over the years suggest divorce to me when I've had a fit of complaining so I guess I'm a little sensitive to it. I'm glad financial counseling helped you. I don't see husband agreeing to that right now...and to be honest I think we are on more the same page now than ever before. I think we are...sometimes. LOL.
    I'm not setting up a 529- but I am diverting about 5k a year from an IRA into a conservative investment account - suggested by my financial adviser. He said that since I'm in a low tax bracket and using pre-tax money- I don't need to worry about tax benefits of after tax shelters.
    And husband is not an only child. he has a younger sister. But I just don't think he was taught any money management skills.

  3. PatientSaver Says:

    I have not kept up regularly with your blog or know your full situation with your husband, but it's possible he likes to throw his weight around a little because he's disabled and feels a need to be "in charge" of your issues; it may also feel a little threatening to have you going outside the home when he can't (?) into a new situation where you'll meet new people without him.

    Good luck! I hope you love the job.

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