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2 very different job opportunities

January 28th, 2014 at 08:55 am

UGH. Two not ideal working options. I'm really conflicted. Let me just vent and try to work through my feelings on this one.

Job goal: I'd like to work 20 hrs a week for an equestrian facility so that I do not need to spend my paycheck or days off on my horse hobby.

Personal goal: I want to improve my riding skills so that I am capable of upper level riding. (Currently there are no upper level trainers in my area. So I have been stuck at lower level riding for the past several years.)

Ok, OPTION #1:
the first option is working as a stable hand for a small multi million dollar equestrian facility (I blogged about it in the past). The facility does not offer horse training in my personal riding discipline.

I will be exposed to premium horse care/technology.

Dynamic atmosphere filled with the ubber wealthy and lots of seasonal horses coming and going.

Pay is $8.50/hr (about $800/month take home).

The CONS are:
The job is a non-riding position. The employer told me there are riding opportunities but other barn employees would get the chances first due to seniority. However- I might be able to overcome that obstacle because the other riders do not ride the same discipline as me and horse owners might start requesting my expertise as it is unique among the staff. (MAYBE)

Job is for 29 hrs a week. Work 4 days a week. Add lunch breaks and commuting- it will be 35 hrs a week that I'll be gone from my 3 month old baby.

The trainer at the facility does not ride my particular discipline. This means that any riding I get is on my own as a "practice ride" and there is no instruction available to advance my skills. I will not reach my personal goal to learn the upper levels in my riding discipline, because there is no one to teach me.

Pay is $8.50/hr. I really thought $10/hr is the standard minimum and I don't think I'll be happy working more hrs than I wanted/ not riding/working in the hot/cold elements and providing premium service for below average wage.

The 2nd opportunity is pretty opposite of the first. There is a small 6 stall backyard barn looking for horse help in exchange for riding lessons.

The owner is a trainer in my field of riding discipline. She can teach me the upper levels.

The work required is minimal. 6 stalls to clean, turnout, grooming and feeding. No additional chores to fill a work shift. When I am done, I am done. Looks like it will be about 10 hrs of work a week (20 hrs when commuting and riding is added).

I can create my own schedule.

The owner/trainer does not have upper level horses to teach me on. She has a mid- level horse that will help firm up some of my weaknesses- but after 4-6 months I will probably have outgrown the horse.

The facility is small and lacking training tools. There is talk of a riding arena to be built- not currently there.

No paycheck. I work in exchange for lessons. The lessons cost $40/hr so it averages out to about $12/hr which is almost double the first place. But I don't have a paycheck to distribute the pay towards various goals. Payment is in the form of lessons meant to advance my riding skills.

So sigh. I put it all down and I'm still conflicted. I am leaning towards option #2. Mostly because my husband wants me to do it. I think he is really hating the amount of hours the first option requires. And he does not see $8.50/hr as a worthwhile tradeoff for me being away from the baby so much.

He feels that 10-20 hrs of making my own schedule is much more accommodating and the second option gives me a fighting chance to accomplish my personal goal of riding upper level. The first option has a slim to none chance of accomplishing my personal goal.

I just feel that the second option is the equivalent to "not working." Working in exchange for my hobby seems pretty selfish and unnecessary. My husband and baby will get zero benefit from my working option #2.

5 Responses to “2 very different job opportunities”

  1. Wife of the Deacon Says:

    Goal #2 on the sidebar is add monthly income. I would do whichever offered you the opportunity to achieve that goal. It isn't as if Option #2 gives you exactly what you need either. Good luck determining which is the correct fit!

  2. Bob B. Says:

    How likely is it that tipping is part of Option #1? I've never worked a job that included tips, but I would imagine that if tipping is part of the job that you would be looking at substantially more than $8.50 an hour. Can you find out?

  3. Boni Says:

    Option 2 sounds like a better choice. Don't disregard the joy you will get in advancing your riding skills. A happier you is sometimes far more important then the money you will earn. It may seem selfish but it is not in that it always you to be home with baby more

  4. snafu Says:

    Without knowing your ultimate goal, it sounds like 'Hobson's' choice. Option #1 offers $ 1190. gross but deductions and transportation costs need to be factored. Can you check with current staff about average tip income? How much importance do you give to adding to family income? I wonder about employers who short change employees daily rate on the presumptions that their clients will make up the difference with tips. Over time, would that stable be interested in having you offer classes in your specialty to their wealthy clientele for a more equitable hourly rate? Would that boost your income and satisfy your long term goals?

    Option #2 offers a learning opportunity less cost of transportation. Can that stable develop into a pay for work? What is the longer term prospect? What is your long term goal for your equestrian skills?

  5. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    I think I'm with Boni on this one. Option #1 doesn't seem like it'll really give you much after you deduct all the various working expenses. Option #2 may not give you $$, but it sounds like it'll give you much more personal satisfaction.

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