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Why cant EVERYONE adhere to the New Year philosophy?

January 1st, 2014 at 01:17 pm

New Year..Fresh Start..Clean Slate...Start Over..all those little attitude adjustments that come to mind in late December.

I wanted to start fresh. Financially implement a new budget. Clean up my financial life.

So I wrote a hypothetical budget. Based on husband being approved for disability. Based on me getting at least a part time job.

Now its January 1. And I'm waiting to implement it.


Husband has not been approved for disability yet. The letter comes in the mail and might take up to 2 more months to receive.

I've applied to 17 (Seventeen!) jobs and nothing so far. Well I have had 2 notifications that I am not being considered. And 1 interview that I ultimately did not want the position (outside sales). But overall...nothing on the job front. Which is frustrating because several of the jobs are perfect for my skill set. PERFECT. Really- the employer is missing out on not utilizing me. And they don't even call me for an interview! I don't really understand it.

So nothing is going on financially. I am waiting to start my financial new year.

1 Responses to “Why cant EVERYONE adhere to the New Year philosophy?”

  1. Dido Says:

    Sorry to read of your frustration and I hope you find a job and that the disability kicks in soon.

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