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I told my husband NO!

December 23rd, 2013 at 12:32 pm

Husband approached me yesterday and said our handyman (who was standing right there next to him) is selling enough wood flooring to finish our attic for $200 total. He said, "That's a really good deal, it's already stained. What do you think?"

I knew there was a catch somewhere. It has become my job to find the catch, cuz if I don't, I'll be sorry later.

"How much is it going to cost to install?" I asked.

"$500" replied the handyman selling the flooring.

Ahhh hah!! there was the catch. I wouldn't be committing to a $200 purchase, which would be a good deal. It was a $700 purchase.

I shook my head and said "No." Husband whined.

I told him I was still thinking I wanted carpet up there anyways. Husband argued that this wood is cheaper than carpet.

So I shrugged and said "I'm out of money. It's coming from your workman comp savings account. If you want to pay $700, then do it. But I don't. Just make sure the workers do it in a few consecutive days. I don't want this dragging out for months."

Then the handyman broke in and said "well, nothing should be done until the rest of the space is done. Flooring should go in last."

ANOTHER CATCH! We would need to replace the sheet rock, baseboards, quarter inch molding and stairway wall before the flooring could be installed!

I looked at husband and said "So we were going to buy this wood and we cant even use it until we remodel the rest of the space?!" Husband shrugged and said "We'll just store it in the attic until we are ready to use it. It's a really good deal."

"NO!" I said. We had just (true story) PAID the same handyman and his crew several hundred dollars to CLEAN OUT the attic. They hauled away wood scraps, insulation, boxes and crap. And now husband wants to fill the freshly clean space with more wood?! No Way!

My "No" was met with more whining. Husband said (another true story) "well I won $250 in my fantasy football league, and the handyman just paid me $100 for my xbox stuff- that's like half the money right there. We would just need to come up with the rest (he was referring to ME putting in the rest) and we'll have flooring in the attic."

I said, "If you want to use your Football winnings on a pile of wood- go ahead. But I dont want to half ass the attic and put down flooring that looks bad when we fix the walls and replace the stairway banister. So we'll wait to install it until we can afford the rest of the work. I really thought you would want to spend that money on video games and electronics."

Husband thought for a second and said "your right. I do want some new video games. I wont get the wood. I just thought it would be a good investment in the house. We would spend $200 and get like, $5000 back when we sell the house." Hmmm...That was a manipulative sentence. Because it would be financial
stupidity to ignore a return on investment like that. Except he is omitting the part about $500 to install the wood. I don't think anyone is going to pay $5000 for a pile of wood in the attic.

And did you catch that he still wants video games?! He would use his money to buy the woodpile...and a week later when the pile of wood is no longer entertaining- he would whine to me that he wants new video games but spent all him money on the attic flooring. He would say he nobly sacrificed his spending money on investing in the house...so he would want me to buy him video games. I know how he thinks.

So the conversation is over. That last piece was husband trying to get me to cough up the remaining amount so we can have the flooring installed. Which I will refuse until the rest of the work is done, so I'll find money to remodel the whole attic. And he knows this. He just needed to lure me by making me think $200 was going to get us an attic with pretty new hardwood floors. Then I'd be trapped. I already spent the money and bought the wood- so he'd be able to argue much easier to get the rest of the work done.

BUT I CAUGHT HIM! I played the game and WON!
No attic wood pile for husband.

And he is not all that mad about it. Actually- he's already forgot the whole episode.

This game is fun now that I know how to play.

6 Responses to “I told my husband NO!”

  1. Looking Forward Says:


  2. Petunia 100 Says:

    Who's team is Dh on? He should quit it and join Team Dh and Tasha.

  3. snafu Says:

    Season Greetings and Happy holidays full of joy and laughter. Are these house improvements being done for flip, re-sell with profit and move on? If that's part of DH thinking you need to consult with an experienced real estate agent to work out the most important updates/upgrades. In most regions the kitchen and bathroom renovations add value. If the attic can be converted to an income producing suite the $$$ may be well spent. I'll bet a professional will nix the 'man cave' idea. In fact hard flooring overhead is noisy for those on lower levels.

    Do I understand correctly that DH just reacts to whatever stimuli is front and center without checking facts or getting all the information to make an informed decision? If you can continue to anticipate DH's strategies and substitute a small, inexpensive 'wins,' as a temporary offset, you can buy time to assess these 'wants'. We do that all the time with kiddos as we babystep teach them that some things have a downside and can come back and bite you.

    I guess my age shows as we operate on the theory that we all work together for the greater good of our family unit. Money comes in from different sources to be used on previously agreed spending priorities less a small sum for personal spending. DH's attitude about his sport winning and his compensation leaves me feeling sad.

  4. Rachael777 Says:

    So fun to read that. stick to your guns.

  5. rob62521 Says:

    Good for you!

  6. PatientSaver Says:

    That's great! Keep it up. Funny, too.

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