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Rental Progress

October 4th, 2013 at 12:24 pm

Not much to report. Husband and I painted one of the rental bedrooms today. Tomorrow we'll paint the other room. And then we'll hang window treatments. It's been nice spacing out the projects over several days. Before we would cram it into a weekend because I had to work during the week, but not this time!

Our handyman was a no show to take the claw foot tub away for refinishing. No surprise there, he has good intentions and then gets busy. We'll call him tomorrow to remind him.

Bedroom before it was painted:

We choose the new color to be Behr 'Navajo White'. The purple-grey color was left from the old owner, he painted the whole place in that color. It looks good as a fresh coat- but ages badly. We've decided to transition the place to the Navajo White with a few pale blue rooms too. So every time we re-rent the place we'll paint a new room until it's all been redone.

Bedroom after today's painting:

1 Responses to “Rental Progress”

  1. momcents Says:

    Boy, I don't miss those days at all -- of course we did it while DH was employed FT with a normal job and then the weekends and our kids were too little to have social lives of their own ... but you've done very nice work. We used Antique White, and I still have an aversion to that! LOVE that fireplace Smile

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